The Honey Makers

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Locatie: Vital Theatre Company, New York, 2003


The Honey Makers

They are owners of a grocery store. In the backyard of their store a swarm of bees has settled in their ivy. Lalita wants to get rid of them because she is frightened that her grandchildren will get hurt by them. She has called a beekeeper to get rid of them.Arjun, however, likes the bees and has been studying them. Arjun wasn’t informed by Lalita about this beekeeper.The beekeeper, a middle aged English laid off man, comes to remove the swarm.While the beekeeper is working, he becomes better acquainted with Arjun and Lalita. They talk about the bees and their differences between the cultures. When the beekeeper is finished and wants to go home, a skinhead comes in to the shop. He grabs the beekeeper and forces him to make jokes about ‘Pakis’. The beekeeper does because he feels threatened. When the skinhead sees the bees he walks out of the store.

Lalita and Arjun don’t seem very aghast. The beekeeper, however, is flabbergasted.